5 Reasons Why Safety Razors Are Perfect For Women

5 Reasons Why Safety Razors Are Perfect For Women

5 Reasons Why Safety Razors Are Perfect For Women

Almost every woman is currently used to shaving most hairy body parts such as armpits, legs and the bikini line. Usually we use a razor with multiple blades, as this would give us the smoothest result possible, but generally this actually causes the most skin irritation. This is because the multiple blades are close together and "pull" on the hair, so to speak, causing it to tear apart instead of being cut through. Plus, all those blades cost a fortune.

Time for a change girls!

Some of you may find it scary to switch to a Safety Razor. After all, from the history books it is really a men's product and is known to be more "dangerous". But nothing could be further from the truth. You'll discover for yourself how safe and easy to use it is, and it provides smoother skin. In addition, you will also experience less ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

To switch to a Safety Razor, you need to purchase one that will last a lifetime. They are usually made of stainless steel, and the weight of these will amaze you. The razors are a bit heavier for a reason, but you will find that out soon enough. You'll also need to buy separate blades, and these will need to be changed after a few shaves.

Why is the Safety Razor so suitable for women?

πŸ‘‹ 1. Say goodbye to skin irritation and ingrown hairs

Women's skin is more sensitive and thinner than the skin of most men. This is precisely why it is important to shave with the right razor. A safety razor reduces skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Do you have sensitive skin? Then use shaving soap for an extra layer of protection.

😏 2. Suitable for all (essential) body parts

Women shave several areas of their body, so extra attention should be paid to finding a suitable way to shave these areas as well. Think for example of armpits or bikini line, where the skin and a lot more sensitive than. With a safety razor you can shave all desired areas.

πŸ’° 3. Investment

As women, we already pay enough "pink tax" for all the products we need. Investing in a safety razor will save you a lot of money! You never have to buy a new razor again because the safety razor lasts a lifetime! In addition, blades are also spot on.

πŸ’° 4. Universal and inexpensive blades

The blades for the razor you can use for 3 to 6 shaves, and if you have read our blog on how to maintain a safety razor, this is definitely going to be good. With a set of 100 blades, you can do years! Also, safety razors use a universal design so you can try different brands.

πŸ’― 5. The smoothest shaving result

With a safety razor you get the smoothest shave possible. And we all want that, right? Also, the hairs that grow back feel a bit softer.

In short, a Safety Razor is a good investment for every woman, and environmentally friendly too! Bamboozy has the largest selection of safety razors for women. With blades that work well for women's skin and are also plastic-free.

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