🌍 Sustainable & Vegan   ♻️ Plastic Free

👙 Discover Our Menstrual Underwear Line

✔️ Best price/quality starting from €14.95
✔️ Bamboo 🎋 Less susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections
✔️ No more bad smells
✔️ Does not shift
✔️ Comfortable and confident through the day/night
✔️ Absorbs up to 3 tampons
✔️ Perfect as a backup or as a panty liner 💃

Sustainable Periods

🍷 Menstruating is hard enough, with our complete durable menstrual line we make it enjoyable for every situation, flow, and day. Combine our products and you'll soon wonder, why didn't I do this sooner?

Safety Razors

🪒 This is the last razor you'll ever need. The smoothest result you've ever had, irritation-free, and without ingrown hairs. Plastic-free with affordable all-body blades. Find out why everyone raves about safety razors.