☁️ Should I Use Shaving Soap with a Safety Razor as a Woman?

☁️ Should I Use Shaving Soap with a Safety Razor as a Woman?

☁️ Should I Use Shaving Soap with a Safety Razor as a Woman?

Is it necessary to use shaving soap with your safety razor as a woman? And what are the benefits of using shaving soap with your safety razor?

We are often asked by our Safety Razor users why it is necessary to buy shaving soap. To explain the difference between shaving soap and a can of shaving cream, we first take a step back - the function of shaving cream, obtained from a spray can or self-foamed with a shaving brush.

There are two: first, it partially dissolves your skin grease layer, and second, it softens the hairs as they absorb water and swell. This makes the hairs softer and allows you to shave them better. The air bubbles in the shaving cream used, form a conductive layer on your skin. The razor glides over your skin with less resistance. The combination of water and air bubbles ensures that you have a comfortable shave with less chance of broken or ingrown hairs, less irritation and also ensures that your Safety Razor blades will last longer.

So shaving soap and shaving cream from a canister have the same function, but why choose shaving soap over shaving cream anyway?

5 advantages of shaving soap:

🌍 1. More sustainable

You only need a small amount of soap to lather it up for a shave. So it is more sustainable.

🐀 2. Softer hair

Shaving foam obtained from shaving soap or shaving cream contains a good amount of warm water. Together with the massaging action of the shaving brush, this softens the hairs.

🐬 3. Smoother

The hairs are placed straighter away from the skin and the skin pores open further. As a result, you experience a comfortable, smooth shave

😌 4. Better for sensitive skin

Canister shaving foams contain some clever solutions to lather without hot water, but this often results in skin irritation, especially for sensitive skin.

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ 5. Natural

Sustainable shaving soap often contains only natural ingredients.

So there are plenty of benefits to using shaving soap. We have a sustainable shaving soap in collaboration with Cosmeau which works well with our safety razors. In addition, it is not tested on animals, free of parabens, and free of SLS. Order this shaving soap together with your safety razor!

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