Bamboozy Menstrual Underwear Style 5 Mary/Madelief

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Leak-proof menstrual underwear for a worry-free day/night. Menstrual underwear is a sustainable alternative to tampons, pads, and panty liners. Perfect to use in combination with Bamboozy menstrual cups.

Why menstrual underwear?
✔ Perfect for use at night
✔ No unnecessary dirt generation (zero-waste and environmentally friendly)
✔ Comfortable and confident through the day/night
✔ Our absorption layer runs completely from front to back
✔ Less susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections
✔ Absorbs up to 3 tampons
✔ Safe, chemical-free, PFAS free!
 OEKO-TEXcertified cotton 

Is menstrual underwear suitable for my entire menstrual cycle?
Yes. Bamboozy menstrual underwear have an absorbency of 2 to 3 tampons. Wear it during your light and heavy menstrual days, or if you have light urine loss or light incontinence.

How do I wash my underwear?
After use, it is best to rinse them under cold running water and squeeze them well. Then wash them at up to 30°C. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or tumble dryer, this will affect absorbency. Afterwards, hang your underwear out to dry. Not suitable for the dryer.

Can I exercise with menstrual underwear?
A great advantage is that menstrual underwear is suitable for exercising. It always stays in place!

In the package
- Menstrual underwear

Size chart Style 5 Mary
Measure the widest part of the hips, across the thickest part of the buttocks, all around.

Not sure about your size? Try the underwear on top of your own underwear for hygiene reasons.

  • First layer 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Second layer 80% polyester, 20% nylon
  • Third layer PUL waterproof
  • Fourth layer 95% bamboo 5% spandex
Other complementary eco-friendly menstrual products:
  • Washable pads Small Light, for light days outside your period
  • Washable pads Medium Light, for your lighter menstrual days
  • Washable pads Medium Heavy, for your heavier menstrual days
  • Menstrual cups, replacement for tampons, leak-free exercise and sleep
  • Menstrual discs, alternative to tampons/menstrual cups, leak-free exercise, sleep, and sex
  • Menstrual underwear, perfect as a backup or to get through the night worry-free
How does this product make less impact on the environment?
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Less waste by no longer using pads or tampons
✔ As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free transportation, and operations
✔ We have already planted more than 2500+ trees!

Customer Reviews

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Very happy!

I’m super happy with the menstruation underwear!! I always got dry skin and friction when using pads, but these underwear are super comfortabel and soft. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper, but on my heaviest days I can still wear them on a work day for 8-10 hours. Really easy to wash en re-use. The pad on the back of the underwear goes up to the edge of the underwear so also at nights I don’t need to worry about leaking. Thank you!!

Gebruik tijdens kraamperiode

Super fijn product, ook voor gebruik tijdens kraamperiode. Veel comfortabeler dan kraamverband.

Wodina Gall

Top super tevreden

Alison De Carvalho Queiroz
Life changer

Heel comfortabel en veilig gevoel.

Annika Pittomvils

Prijs-kwaliteit voor mij persoonlijk de beste op de markt! Maatje groter genomen zodat die zeker over mijn buik geraakt. Past perfect!