Bamboozy Menstrual Cup Set with Sterilizer 2nd Generation

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A menstrual cup offers more comfort, is more durable and hygienic compared to sanitary pads or tampons. Bamboozy menstrual cups are safe and made of the highest quality medical silicone. The natural shape of our menstrual cup gives better comfort and less irritation than other menstrual cups on the market.

Why menstrual cups?
✔ No unnecessary dirt generation (zero-waste and environmentally friendly)
✔ Less chance of leakage
✔ No unpleasant odors
✔ Less susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections
✔ Absorbs up to 5 times more than a tampon
✔ Usable throughout your menstrual cycle

Why Bamboozy menstrual cups?
✔ Comfortable: Natural curves and shapes for less irritation like Organicup
✔ Safe: 100% Medical grade silicone, RoHS, SGS 2021 labels
✔ Free of BPA, lead, chemicals, and plastics
✔ Luxury Bamboozy sterilizer cleaning cup
✔ E-book for beginners

Which size cup is right for me?
Bamboozy has 3 sizes, size S, size M, and size L. Size M we recommend for women 30 years old and younger and have not had childbirth. Size L we recommend for women over 30 -or- women who have given birth vaginally (several times). The contents are comparable to 3 tampons of liquid. Size S is for teenagers. Are you unsure between size M or L? Then we recommend size M for you.

Cup size can be linked to the strength of your pelvic floor that holds your cup in place, but it's not just related to the number of pilates classes you've done, your pelvic floor can weaken for numerous reasons, including pregnancy, childbirth and simply due to the change in hormone levels as we age.

Once practiced properly, you may find that both sizes are comfortable.

Every body is different and this advice does not mean that the size fits your body. We can therefore never provide a size guarantee or know which size suits you best. Trying is the only option here. Are you still in doubt? Please contact us or your gynaecologist.

Is using menstrual cups also likely to cause TSS?
No product is 100% exempt from the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, including menstrual cups, but the risk is a lot less. This is because menstrual cups do not affect your mucous membrane. A cup does not absorb but only collects.

How do I insert the cup?
Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly before use
Step 2: Fold the cup so that it forms a "C"
Step 3: Insert the cup, it is best to insert it horizontally.
Step 4: The cup will unfold itself (you may have to twist it first)
Step 5: A properly inserted cup forms a vacuum and will not leak through because of this

How do I remove the cup?
Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly
Step 2: Do not pull the cup out by the stem, but squeeze the lower part of the cup and move it from side to side so you can break the vacuum
Step 3: Make sure the cup stays upright
Step 4: Empty the contents into your toilet or sink

A detailed explanation of how to insert and remove the cup can be found in our e-book for beginners.

How do I replace the cup in public areas?
This is one of the trickiest points regarding the use of a menstrual cup. Have you found your fit then we recommend the following method if you want to empty cup in a public place. Buy an extra cup and take the clean cup with you in a pouch or waterproof bag that we use for our washable pads. Rinse the cup clean before going into the toilet. Empty the used cup and wrap it in toilet paper and store it in a (waterproof) bag. Then insert your other cup and clean your used cup and bag at home.

Can I keep the menstrual cup in all day?
Remove and empty your cup after 12 hours maximum.

How do I clean the cup?
After use, rinse the cup with running water. After your cycle sterilize the cup, using the included Bamboozy sterilizer, suitable for microwave sterilization.

Fill the sterilizer with water up to the first line. Place the cup with the stem facing up and close the lid. Do not close the lid completely but let it rest on the rim to allow steam to escape. Set your microwave at 1000W for 1 minute. Beware after sterilizing, the sterilizer is hot! Let it cool for a few minutes. Then your cup is ready to use again!

Can I exercise with a menstrual cup?
One of the biggest advantages of a cup is that you can exercise, go to the sauna, swim, ride a bike, dance for hours and sleep through the night - without worries.

Do you have an IUD? Then we do not recommend using a menstrual cup.

Start menstruating more sustainably with the use of a menstrual cup!

In the package:
- Menstrual cup
- Luxury sterilizer
- Cotton pouch
- E-book (digital)

Other available to menstruate sustainably:
- Washable pads Small Light, for lighter days outside your period
- Washable pads Medium Light, for your lighter menstrual days
- Washable pads Medium Heavy, for your heavier menstrual days
- Menstrual cups, replacement for tampons, leak-free exercise and sleep
- Menstrual underwear, perfect as a backup or to get through the night worry-free

How does this product make less impact on the environment?
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Packaging does not use glue
✔ Packaging uses only black ink
✔ Less waste by no longer using sanitary pads or tampons
✔ As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free transportation, and operations

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