Bamboozy Menstrual Disc Starter Set - 2 Period Discs (M+L) + Sterilizer + Storage Case

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Everything you need: The starter set is a complete set to protect your menstruation. The set includes two period discs (size M + L), a steriliser and a handy storage bag. So you always have the right size, keep your windows hygienically clean and can store them when you don't need them.

Although the menstrual disc is not very well known in the Netherlands and Belgium, it is a product that has been on the market since 1994 and is widely used worldwide.

Why menstrual discs?
✔ 1 disc = 3000 tampons and pads
✔ Lasts up to 5-10 years
✔ Less chance of leakage
✔ Empty without taking the disc out (autodumping)
✔ Prevents leaking, at night, during exercise, swimming and even during sex
✔ No unpleasant odors
✔ Less susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections
✔ Absorbs up to 5-7x as much as a tampon
✔ Usable throughout your menstrual cycle

Why Bamboozy menstrual discs?
✔ Comfortable: Silicone collection surface of only 0.35mm making it flexible and moving with the natural shapes of your body
✔ Strong: Despite its small thickness, it cannot tear
✔ Our disc is reusable
✔ Safe: 100% Medical grade silicone, RoHS, SGS 2021 labels
✔ Free of BPA, lead, chemicals, and plastics
✔ E-book for beginners

Where is the menstrual disc compared to a menstrual cup?

A menstrual disc sits around your cervix to catch your blood. A disc, unlike a cup, does not draw a vacuum. A menstrual cup sits in your vaginal canal, lower than a disc.

cup vs disc positions

What size disc is suitable for me?

The measurements of our menstrual disc is based on height of your cervix. During menstruation, the height of your cervix changes, so it is best to measure during your period. Insert your index finger into your vagina and begin to feel around. Your cervix feels round and has the same firmness as the tip of your nose. Measure how deep your finger has gone into your vagina.

cervix positions

Low cervix: 4.4cm or shorter take Disc M
Medium cervix: 4.5 - 5.5cm take Disc M
High cervix: 5.5cm or longer take Disc L

Is using menstrual discs also likely to cause TSS?
No product is 100% exempt from the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, including menstrual discs, but the risk is much reduced. This is because menstrual cups and discs do not affect your mucous membrane. A cup does not absorb but only catches. There are a total of two known cases of TSS and menstrual cups (not discs), in which the users did not follow the instructions and held the cup for much longer than the recommended 12 hours, without sterilizing. The menstrual disc is of the same material as our menstrual cups.

What about sex and menstrual discs?
Menstrual discs do not take up space in your vaginal canal, making it an ideal option for menstrual sex. They sit at the base of your cervix, so as long as it is inserted properly, neither you nor your partner should feel it. Empty the disc beforehand, though!

That said, a particularly deep or enthusiastic sex session may cause it to shift. Some couples may well feel the menstrual disc or still leak during sex.

How do I insert the disc?
Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly before use.
Step 2: Get into the position that works for you. This can be sitting over the toilet, standing with one leg up or squatting.
Step 3: Squeeze the sides of the disc together so it is the size of a tampon.
Step 4: Insert the squeezed disc with the nub down, into your vagina. Stand in a vertical position so that it completely covers your cervix.
Step 5: Make sure you push it as far past the pubic bone as possible, so that the edge slides in just above the bone.
Step 6: Is it your first time? Then wear (washable) pads or menstrual underwear as a backup

How do I remove the disc?
Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly
Step 2: Sit on the toilet or stand in the shower
Step 3: Insert your index finger into your vagina, hook it under the ridge with ridges and pull it straight out.
Step 4: If you have trouble reaching the disk, press with your pelvic muscles as if you were trying to defecate. This will "loosen" the rim from behind your pubic bone.
Step 5: Empty the contents into the toilet.

A detailed explanation of how to insert and remove the disc can be found in our e-book for beginners. Read on for the concept of autodumping. Here you empty the disc without taking it out, useful in public places.

Does this reduce my menstrual cramps?
Menstrual discs seem to reduce some menstrual-related pain, but not specifically cramps. A disc sits in the widest part of the vagina, so you are less likely to feel the disc.

Tampons, on the other hand, sit lower in the vaginal canal, which is much narrower. When the tampon fills with blood and expands, it can cause cramps, according to these.

Can I keep the menstrual disc in all day?
Remove and empty your disc after 12 hours at the most.

What is autodumping?
Unique to a menstrual disc is that you can empty the disc without taking it out. A game changer for those women who menstruate heavily instead of emptying the cup every 2-3 hours.

Autodumping doesn't work for everyone because the fit isn't actually quite perfect for your body, but it can be a nice touch.

It works during urination, where your posture and the tension of your muscles, shift the disc slightly, and in the process the contents drain out. It then looks like your disc is leaking, but it then pops right back up on its own when you're done. You can also tilt the disc back with your finger.

How do I clean the disc?
After use, rinse the disc with running water. After your cycle, sterilize the disc by boiling it in water. To do this, use the Bamboozy sterilizer, suitable for sterilization in the microwave.

Can I exercise with a menstrual disc?
One of the biggest advantages of a disc is that you can exercise, go to the sauna, swim, ride a bike, dance for hours and sleep through the night - without worry.

Do you have an IUD? You can use a disc at your own risk. Because it does not vacuum, there is less chance of taking your IUD with you. We cannot rule out the chance 100%. Consult your gynaecologist if necessary.

Which variant do I need?
For many, the standard version is sufficient. Are you very afraid that you will have trouble getting the disc out? Then choose the version with ring or string. The string is the easiest to find and you can cut it off if it gets in the way or cut it off completely in case of irritation.

The version with ring makes removal easier for beginners because it allows you to "hook" the cup naturally to remove it.

Start menstruating more sustainably with the use of a menstrual disc!

In the package
- Menstrual disc Size M+L
- Silicone pouch
- Foldable Sterilizer 
- E-book (digital) 

Other complementary products for sustainable periods:

- Washable pads Small Light, for lighter days outside your period
- Washable pads Medium Light, for your lighter menstrual days
- Washable pads Medium Heavy, for your heavier menstrual days
- Menstrual cups, replacement for tampons, leak-free exercise and sleep
- Menstrual underwear, perfect as backup or to get through the night worry-free
- Menstrual discs, alternative to tampons/menstrual cups, leak-free exercise, sleep, and sex

How does this product make less impact on the environment?

✔ 1 disc = 3000 tampons and pads
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Packaging does not use glue
✔ Less waste by no longer using pads or tampons
✔ As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free transportation, and operations

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