Bamboozy Metal Dermaplaning Eyebrow Facial Razors

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gERMThe world's first rose gold metal dermaplaning blade is also available in matte black! Remove facial hair quickly and easily. Made of high quality metal in beautiful matte rose gold, this dermaplaning razor makes less impact on the environment. You only replace the individual razor blades, more environmentally friendly and cheaper!

Dermaplaning is a treatment in which all dead skin cells and downy hairs are removed by means of a razor specially designed for dermaplaning. The procedure is designed to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scars and leave the surface of the skin looking smooth. A Dermaplaning treatment instantly creates a beautiful glow!

Benefits / Result
✔ Removes dead skin cells and downy hairs
✔ Makeup is more beautifully applied to the skin
✔ Refines lines
✔ Impurities are more easily removed
✔ Ensures smoother skin
✔ Creates a natural glow
✔ No plastic waste like traditional disposable blades
✔ Biodegradable

The blade has an exfoliating effect as it gently removes dead skin cells, providing a clean base for applying your makeup and cream.

Easy to use at home
The precision razor easily removes unwanted hair on all parts of the face, be it the forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. It helps refine, refresh and revive the appearance of your skin.

Premium blades
Our premium metal dermaplaning razor has the very highest quality blades from Cosmeau. The steel is of premium Japanese quality, for sharper results and finer treatments.

Buy loose blades of the very highest quality or go for better price/quality with German steel. The choice is yours.

Easy to carry
The protective cap allows you to touch up your facial hair on the go.

Perfect in combination with a Safety Razor
Get the Bamboozy Safety Razor for your smoothest shave ever (really!) at a fraction of the price. Available in beautiful rose gold and matte black. Use your dermaplaning blade for the spots the safety razor is too clunky for.

Caution! Do not use razor blades on the following:
- Open wounds
- Eczema
- Cold sores
- During antibiotic treatment
- Infections
- Rosacea

How do I use the facial razor?

How do I use them for the eyebrows?

In the package:
- 1x Metal Dermaplaning Blade
- 1x Protective Cap
- 1x Blade - Japanese Premium Steel Narrow Netted Blade (in system holder)
- 5x German Premium Steel Narrow Netted Blade 

How does this product make less impact on the environment?
Made from natural product wheat straw
✔ Degradable
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Replace only the loose blade = less waste
✔ As much CO2 neutral as possible, plastic-free transportation, and operations
✔ We have already planted more than 1,200 trees!

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