Safety Razor Glossy Rose Gold Aluminium 1pc

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Nicer smoother skin with less skin irritation by using a safety razor. No more plastic razors in the trash and save a lot of money! A safety razor gives one of the smoothest shaving results.

In our specially made e-book we have tips and accurate guide for beginners. Because with a safety razor you should shave differently than a disposable razor!

✔ Better shaving results, smoother skin, less irritation, and ingrowth of hairs
✔ Including 1 safety razor blade
✔ E-book for beginners
✔ Light weight due to use of aluminum
✔ Much cheaper shave compared to disposable razor blades from the better known brands
✔ No plastic waste, the blades are 100% stainless steel
✔ Easy and safe replacement of blades by unscrewing the head from the handle

Is shaving with a safety razor better?
Yes. With a safety razor you will have less skin irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs that are common with cartridge or electric razors. The main reason for this is that with a safety razor, you always have only one blade against your skin. It's really quite simple, the less often you make contact with your skin with a blade, the happier it will be.

I thought more blades were always better?
A sharp and clean safety razor will cut off hair in one motion without catching or dragging hairs. The so-called elevator and cut systems, are actually not good at all, as this promotes hair ingrowth.

Is a safety razor dangerous?
Of course, it remains a razor-sharp object. When used incorrectly, you can open your skin just like with any other razor. Because of the round half plate on the head, it is easy to find the right angle (optimal is 30°), and therefore less dangerous. Do you suffer from hypersensitive skin? Then this can cause skin irritation. In our e-book for beginners you will find detailed explanations on how to best shave, how to extend the life of your blades, and how to handle specific areas of your body.

How often can you use the blade of a safety razor?
This depends on the type of hair, how often you shave, coating of the blades, and yes also shaving technique. Hardened blades, such as platinum or chromium, make the blades last longer. Our blades are platinum tempered.

Depending on various factors as mentioned above, one blade will last about 3-6 shaves.

Can I shave all body parts?
Yes. I recommend you start with the easier parts like the legs. As you become more experienced you can move on to other body parts.

Perfect for beginners
The razor is made of aluminum and will not rust. Its light weight makes it perfect for beginners. has a glossy finish which will not look out of place in your bathroom. You place the razor against your skin without pressing (too hard). Then you shave along with the hairs for a perfect result.

Help nature, your wallet, but also very nice to give or receive as a gift.

In the package:
  • Glossy Rose Gold Safety Razor Razor
  • 1x platinum stainless blades
  • E-book for beginners (digital)

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