Reusable Swabs 2-Pack /Set of 2

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Quality reusable cotton swabs with fixed tips and tip that cannot fall off. 1 reusable swab for cleansing and 1 swab for touching up makeup.

βœ” No unnecessary dirt generation (zero-waste and eco-friendly)
βœ” Set of 2 pieces
βœ” Tip silicone tips are industrially fixed
βœ” Do not leave bits of "cotton" on your lashes or skin when touching up makeup
βœ” "Food grade" a-grade silicone FDA certified
βœ” For application and precision touch-up of makeup and nail polish
βœ” Convenient self-closing travel holder
βœ” Save money and burden the environment less

Disadvantages and concerns
- The silicone tips do not absorb moisture like traditional cotton swabs
- It may take some getting used to because the material is naturally different
- Cleaning your ear canal is at your own risk (this also applies to traditional cotton swabs)
- Not so suitable for removing make-up

Will my ears get clean with these cotton swabs?
Yes, the swab with the small nodules is suitable for this purpose to clean your ear canals.

Can I put the swabs in the dishwasher or boil them?
Yes, no problem.

What about the makeup swab?
You can use the wand with the smooth head to touch up your makeup. For example, to blur and touch up your eyeliner and/or lipstick. I recommend that you mostly experiment with this to see what works for you.

We even have clients who use it for precision work when painting. It is not so suitable for removing makeup. Want to remove your makeup in a sustainable way? Then try Bamboozy washable cotton pads.

Is this safe?
The tips are made of the highest quality silicone and is certified as "food grade" by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Cotton pads are the most commonly found product on beaches. Because of the plastic in the stick, cotton swabs contribute a large portion of microplastics. Animals unknowingly eat this with dire consequences. It is therefore certainly not insignificant to reduce this because it is "only" a cotton swab. Together we can make a difference πŸ™Œ.

Help nature your wallet with these reusable cotton swabs from Bamboozy!

In the package:
- 2 pieces of reusable cotton swabs (in gray, pink, dark green, or blue)
- 1x storage box with self-closing lid (in gray, pink, dark green, or blue)
- 1x storage box with self-closing lid (in gray, pink, dark green, or blue)

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