Free Laundry Detergent Sheet Sample MAX 1 PER CUSTOMER

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Convince yourself with free samples of our laundry strips. You only pay for shipping

Note: You get max 2 sheets for 2-4 washes

The new way to wash. Eco-friendly, plastic-free, vegan, and biodegradable. Our highly concentrated eco-formula is mild, dissolves in hot and cold water, and ensures clean fresh laundry.

Why choose Cosmeau laundry strips
- Affordable, up to 60% cheaper washing
- 2-in-1 no more fabric softener needed
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Free of phosphates and parabens
- Colourant-free
- Suitable for any washing machine for both cold and hot washing
- Plastic-free
- 100% biodegradable

Cost per wash:
- Pods per wash €0.40 (10 units at €4.00)
- Liquid detergent per wash €0.28 (87 turns at €25.00)
- Clothes strips per wash €0.16 (60 turns at €10.00)

So save up to 60% on your washes!

Cost per year:
The cost to you per year based on our 30 wash sheets pack:
- Single, 2x per week, cost: €16.64 per year
- Living together, 4x per week, cost: €33,28 per year
- Family with 2 kids, 7x per week, cost: €58.40 per year

Our laundry strips are as effective at removing stains as regular liquid detergents and powders. Our low-foam laundry formula finds and dissolves stains for both white and coloured laundry.

No hassle
With laundry strips, you easily grab a sheet and tear it off for the right dosage. No hassle with measuring and filling a container or powder.

How does it work?
You take a sheet and tear it in half with the pre-perforated strip. Place the strip under your washing in the drum. That's it!

A wash sheet consists of highly concentrated ecological detergent and have a light scent of nature. Naturally, the wash sheets are vegan and animal-free.

For washes of less than 3.5-4kg of laundry (which is the European standard), we recommend one strip, and for more than 3.5-4kg, we recommend 2 strips (1 sheet).

Colour suitability
Suitable for white, coloured and dark laundry. It is also safe for materials with silver threads.

The laundry strips can be washed between 30 and 60 degrees and even with cold water and hand washing.

Easy to carry
As it is not liquid, a wash strip is easy to take with you on a trip or weekend away.

Environmentally friendly
Our laundry strips are 100% biodegradable as is the packaging. In addition, you also save on CO2 emissions because laundry strips are much more compact and lighter to transport than liquid detergent.

Note: You get max 2 sheets for 2-4 washes

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Lori Reynolds
Not feee

I ask for a free sample when I go to check out. It's thirty three dollars I don't understand