Cosmeau Black Protect Laundry Sheets

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Are you also done with the grey haze of your dark laundry? Then use Cosmeau Black Protect sheets with active ingredients to keep your dark laundry darker for longer and darker!

So your drab clothes can turn a few shades darker as opposed to detergent for dark laundry!

Note: This is not a detergent but a sheet that you add to your dark laundry. Do not wash with light, coloured or white laundry!

Why black protect strips?

Dark should stay dark
The darker the better, these strips will make your dark laundry a few shades darker
Wash as usual, but easier and more environmentally friendly
Suitable for all temperatures, including hand washing
Note: The strip does not dissolve completely

How does it work?

  • Take a sheet and put it on or under your dark laundry in the drum
  • Add detergent or Cosmeau laundry strips
  • Start your wash programme
  • Discard the remaining sheet

One wash sheet equals one wash.

Terylene, C.I. Direct Black 19

As with any detergent, keep out of reach of children. Use only with dry hands. Wash hands after contact.

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