Bamboozy Makeup Brushes Set Wheatstraw

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Sustainable brush set made from wheat straw and completely animal-free. With soft-brush technology, these are the softest synthetic brushes on the market and you have a brush set to create your most beautiful look. The bristles are of the highest quality, high-density, do not fall out and are used in professional situations.

Advantages of the Bamboozy brush set:

Complete set for the most common situations
Handle made of wheat straw
Silky soft brushes
Animal-test free and vegan
Free e-book with tips from a pro make-up artist

Which brushes are in the set?

-Foundation Brush
-Full Blush Brush
-Contour Brush
-Eye Shadow Blend Brush
-Eye Shadow Brush
-Angled Liner Brush

Keeping your brushes clean
Make a lather with warm soapy water without chemical ingredients dip the bristles in the container and stir a little, then remove the brush, rinse in a clean container of warm water and dry with a washable cotton pad or flannel.

Lay the brushes down to dry on a towel on the table. (Never on the heater and never outside in the sun.

In collaboration with a make-up artist with 20 years of experience, we share concise tips in our e-book. The e-book will be sent to you by email about 10 minutes after ordering.

In the package
- 6x Makeup brushes wheat straw

How does this product make less impact on the environment?
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Less use of plastic
✔ As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free transport, and operations
✔ We have already planted more than 1,200 trees!

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