Bamboozy Dishcloths Reusable Kitchen Paper

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Replace your yellow dishcloths with polyester-free dishcloths made of bamboo fibres. Beautiful in any modern kitchen and don't stink like the yellow dishcloths.

✔ Environmentally friendly by using 100% bamboo fibres
✔ Washable at 60 degrees
✔ Replaces 72 rolls of kitchen paper
✔ Super absorbent
✔ Anti-bacterial
✔ Retains fewer unpleasant odours
✔ Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and therefore more hygienic in the kitchen
✔ Dries quickly
✔ Beautiful in modern kitchens

How long does 1 wipe last?
The wipes will last for years under normal use. They can wear out just like normal dishcloths, though.

Can you wash them in the washing machine?
Yes, you can wash the cloths in the washing machine up to 60-degrees or hand wash them for longer use. Not suitable for dryer (bamboo dries quickly), do not iron, and do not use fabric softener.

Will I get the stains out easily?
Natural bamboo fibres wash well and leave little to no stains. Our experience with bamboo washable cotton pads, we have included in this product.

Can they be used wet and dry?
Yes, you can use the wipes both dry and wet. You can wring out the sheet and use it again immediately.

How big is a wipe?
Approximately 24x24 cm.

What surfaces is it suitable for?
* Steel * Granite * Plastic * Wood * Glass * Ceramic

Why shouldn't I buy yellow wipes?
Yellow wipes are made of 70% viscose and 10% polyester. The manufacturing process uses a lot of chemicals that end up in the environment.

Our kitchen roll is made of 80% bamboo. Bamboo is a natural renewable resource, which grows quickly (121cm per day!) and needs little water to grow. As bamboo is also anti-bacterial by nature, this material is perfect for use in the kitchen.

Can it come into contact with food?
Yes it is.

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