20x Black + White Reusable Cotton Pads 2-Layers

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Want to make sure you have enough washable cotton pads? Or can't decide between black or white? 😬 Then buy our discount pack with up to 20 washable pads in black and white! So you can skip a laundry day.

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✔ No unnecessary dirt generation (zero-waste and environmentally friendly)
✔ Suitable for dark laundry and leaves less visible makeup stains when using waterproof makeup and removing nail polish
✔ 16 washable cotton pads for daily use (also for eyes and lips)
✔ 4 washable scrub cotton pads for stubborn makeup (with small loop technique)
✔ 2 laundry bags to separate for your white and dark laundry
✔ Stitching patterns prevent layers from sliding on top of each other
✔ Super soft yet effective in makeup removal
✔ Larger than regular cotton pads
✔ Biodegradable packaging
✔ E-book with detailed instructions and tips

Will my makeup come off with these discs?
Yes, the larger size makes it even easier to remove your makeup. It is also suitable for sensitive skin because Bamboo is super soft and anti-bacterial by itself.

Also included are 4 (terry) reusable cotton pads, for heavy makeup. Our washable scrub discs are made with a more expensive process where the loops are smaller. This has the advantage for you that they are less likely to snag, lint, and more durable.

Does the makeup come off after washing?
Yes, you can wash the discs at 40-60 degrees.

Can these washable cotton pads go in the dryer?
I do not recommend this. The scrub discs (dark gray edge) are already sensitive that they will wavy at the edge, but with the dryer this effect worsens. They shrink little to not at all. The discs do remain usable.

Are these suitable for sensitive areas such as my eyelids and lips?
Sure. The daily discs in light cream are so soft that they are suitable for sensitive areas. You only need two types of discs, soft discs and exfoliating discs for any stubborn makeup.

Fits through the mailbox
The packaging is made to fit through the mailbox. That way the letter carrier carries less air and you don't have to stay home or pick up somewhere unnecessarily.

Well tested
We have now spent 6 months testing over 30 different reusable makeup pads from 2-ply to 4-ply from 5 different manufacturers. With different combinations of bamboo, cotton, and polyester, stitching finish, edge thickness, loop size, and softness.

In our experience, 8cm is the ideal size, not too big that it becomes unwieldy, and not too small to be effective. With 3-ply, the discs retain their shape better. The stitching pattern keeps the discs from sliding over each other and have the function of removing make up just a little better.

What are points of interest?
We also think it is important to highlight the drawbacks. First of all, it is not a 100% replacement for traditional cotton pads. For example, it is not suitable for removing nail polish. This remains on the discs. Furthermore, it absorbs a little more lotion. In the e-book and email we have tips to help reduce this. The cotton pads may contain polyester. The benefits of this is longer life, better makeup removal, and washes out makeup better.

Why Bamboo?
✅ Bamboo is a 100% renewable resource
✅ Bamboo can grow 91-122 cm (!) per day
✅ Bamboo fibers are anti-bacterial by themselves

Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, designed to deliver through the mailbox, no use of plastic (stickers, tape, box etc.), and use only black ink for printing. For transportation, we try to ship CO2 neutral whenever possible, and all our products are made under humane conditions, and raw materials grown and processed responsibly.

Help nature, your wallet, but also very nice to give or receive as a gift.

In the package:
- 8x white daily washable cotton pads 2-ply
- 8x black daily washable cotton pads 2-ply
- 2x white scrub washable cotton pads 2-layer with small loop technique
- 2x black scrub washable cotton pads 2-ply with small loop technique
- 2x cotton laundry bag
- E-book (digital)

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