Cosmeau Fragrance Booster Beads

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Environmentally friendly fragrance booster with an unforgettable fresh scent! Up to 12 weeks of fragrance with the dual-fragrance technique which retained micro-scent capsules burst open during friction of clothing. For example, during walking and exercise.

✔ In-Wash fragrance booster 
✔ Made from corn starch and vegan
✔ Includes measuring cup in cap
✔ Up to 12 weeks of fragrance
✔ Put the pearls directly into the empty drum before you put in your laundry
✔ Use together with Cosmeau laundry strips for a plastic-free wash
✔ Adjust the fragrance intensity by choosing the amount of fragrance booster you want to use yourself
✔ No plastic packaging and unnecessary plastic like other brands

How it works.
- Pour about 10g of pearls into the cap. Use the lines to dispense.
- Stick the seal back to retain the fragrance of the pearls longer during storage.
- Pour the pearls into the drum before filling it with laundry
- Are you going all eco-friendly? Then put a Cosmeau laundry strip in the drum or drawer
- Put the laundry in the drum and start your laundry!

The scent of fresh spring fragrance is a unique developed scent based on fresh elements of our detergent laundry strips. The scent booster fragrance is long-lasting based on different spring flowers. The fragrance is appreciated by both men and women and is not overly sweet or floral in scent.

Cheaper refills
The standard tube with measuring cup has different packaging techniques to keep the fragrance longer during storage. You don't throw these away but order cheaper refills which consists of less packaging and can be sent as a letterbox post.

This is how we work together on environmentally friendly scent boosters!

In the box
Fragrance booster beads 250g including scent seal and measuring cup

How does this product make less impact on the environment?
✔ No plastic packaging
✔ Refill sent as a letterbox parcel
✔ Plant-made from corn starch
✔ Reduced CO2 emissions in transport
✔ Maximum CO2 neutral, plastic-free transport and operations

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