Bamboozy Reusable Sanitary Pads

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Solution for your entire menstrual cycle with 9 pieces of washable pads. 3x Heavy, 3x Medium, 3x Light.

After more than 9 months of testing, we have developed the ultimate washable pads. Bamboozy Reusable pads offer a complete solution for your entire menstrual cycle. So we have pads for the heavier days, lighter days, and washable pads for outside your menstrual cycle.

Why Bamboozy washable pads?
✔ Bamboo fibers for a super soft and anti-bacterial sanitary pad
✔ Limits unpleasant odors
✔ Low profile buttons, so you don't feel the buttons on you
✔ Designed to reduce slipping
✔ Non-irritating fabric
✔ Includes waterproof pouch with 2 compartments
✔ Suitable for sensitive skin

We chose not to use bamboo charcoal material like many other washable pads on the market. Bamboo charcoal does not restrict unpleasant odors as well, does not wash as well, and feels uncomfortable on the skin for some of our test group. Cotton suffers even more from odors, is sweaty, and can feel stiff on the skin.

Our super soft fabric made from bamboo and polyester gives the right firmness, anti-bacterial action, and feels super soft. So you won't (almost) feel your washable pads. The micro-loops increase the softness and reduce that the pads will slide.

We chose our specific shape to increase the absorbency surface and prevent slipping.

Our washable pads consist of 4 layers. The middle layer is always microfiber. Microfiber has excellent absorbency. The heavy pads are made with double layer microfiber, for your heaviest menstrual days.

Some washable pads use double cotton inner layers. This makes them a little thinner but is not comparable in terms of absorbency. Because we think it's important that you don't leak and reduce the chances of this happening as much as possible, all variants have a microfiber inner layer.

Waterproof layer
The 3rd layer consists of a waterproof layer so you do not leak through. Not every washable pad has the same level of water resistance! You can test this by dripping water on the outside. If it soaks in, then the waterproof layer is of low quality. If they stay behind as droplets, then you have a quality water-resistant layer. Bamboozy washable pads always have the highest quality water resistance. The 4th layer is smooth, stain-free and neutral in color.

No irritation
The type of buttons we have chosen are low profile. This way you can hardly feel them and this reduces the pressure against your skin. Because our pads have a high absortion capacity, we were still able to keep the button height low.

Complete solution for sustainable menstruation
Combine your reusable pads with a Bamboozy menstrual cup and menstrual underwear for a complete worry-free menstruation the way you want and feel it!

In the package:
- 3x Black Medium Heavy Pads
- 3x Black Medium Light Pads
- 3x Black Small Light Pads
- Waterproof pouch

Other available to menstruate sustainably:
- Washable pads Small Light, for lighter days outside your period
- Washable pads Medium Light, for your lighter menstrual days
- Washable pads Medium Heavy, for your heavier menstrual days
- Menstrual cups, replacement for tampons, leak-free exercise and sleep
- Menstrual discs, alternative to tampons/menstrual cups, leak-free exercise, sleep, and sex
- Menstrual underwear, perfect as a backup or to get through the night worry-free

How does this product make less impact on the environment?
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Packaging uses only black ink
✔ Less waste by no longer using sanitary napkins
✔ As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free transportation, and operations
✔ We have already planted more than 750 trees!

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