Cosmeau Cleaning Kit - Multipurpose cleaner - Bathroom cleaner - Glass

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Cleaning tabs or cleaning tablets is detergent in solid tablet form. You buy a spray bottle once, fill it with tap water, add a tablet, and you have cleaning products ready for use!

Cosmeau starter kit with cleaning tablets and beautiful frosted white spray bottles. The starter kit comes with glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and bathroom cleaner

✔ Durable, no unnecessary transport of water
✔ Powerful
✔ Vegan
✔ No more disposable plastic
✔ Sharply priced cleaning tabs
✔ With normal use, the spray bottle lasts indefinitely

So buy refills from €1.50 each (in a box of 6 pieces)- the most affordable cleaning tabs on the market! - and are sent as a letterbox parcel. This way, we don't transport unnecessary water and fewer chemicals are needed in the production process. You will have a clean house with a contribution to sustainability!

All-purpose cleaner Lavender
The multi-functional all-purpose cleaner for different surfaces.

Kitchen Lemon
Especially for grease and food residues on your stove, sink, and floor. Delicious lime scent.

Glass Odourless
Glass cleaner tab for your windows, mirrors and all things glass. Make it shine streak-free again!

How does it work exactly?
You fill the bottle with about 500ml water, do not fill it completely but leave 1-2cm space for the tab and nozzle. Let the tab soak for 5-10 minutes, then shake your bottle a few times and your cleaner is ready for use.

When refilling, some water may escape upwards and leak through the nozzle. Make sure the nozzle of the spray bottle is set to "STOP", this is normal and will resolve itself after the tab is fully dissolved.

Can I use the cleaning tabs with my own spray bottle?
Sure, we recommend using 500ml per tab. You can increase the effectiveness or last longer with your tab by adding more or less water.

In the pack:
- Spray bottle 500ml Frosted White Multipurpose
- Spray bottle 500ml Frosted White Bathroom
- Spray bottle 500ml Frosted White Glass
- Cleaning Tab Multipurpose Lavender
- Cleaning Tab Bathroom Orange
- Cleaning Tab Glass Fragrance Free

Optionally for sale, spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner and all-purpose cleaning tabs.

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