🍷 Everything You Want to Know About Menstrual Underwear

🍷 Everything You Want to Know About Menstrual Underwear

🍷 Everything You Want to Know About Menstrual Underwear

☝️ What is Menstrual Underwear?

Menstrual underwear or period underwear is made to collect menstrual blood directly, without having to use a sanitary pad or panty liner. The underwear can absorb up to 30-50 ml, which is equivalent to 3 tampons/month pads. The extra PUL layer in the briefs (moisture repelling fabric) also means you won't leak easily anymore.

🤔 How does menstrual underwear work?

Menstrual underwear is worn like normal underwear. The absorption part is incorporated into the underwear. You put it on and you're protected!

⏳ How long does Menstrual Underwear last?

Underwear lasts an average of 2 to 5 years. Of course, this does depend on how often the underwear is worn, how well you wash them and how you care for them.

🧐 What should I pay attention to with menstrual underwear?

Pay attention to the absorbent material and absorbency, more expensive varieties use microfiber. This material absorbs well and we also use it for our washable pads, among other things. In addition, you can look to see if the material contains bamboo fibers. Bamboo fibers have some advantages such as less unpleasant odors and being anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

The absorption layer can go all the way through the front and all the way through the back as well. It is more important that the back goes all the way to the seam for lying/sleeping on your back. This makes it more flexible for use in different situations. 

Lastly, you may want different styles; for nights, for daytime, for heavy days, and for the light days. Look at the quality of the stitching and level of finish.

🧼 How do I clean menstrual underwear?

After use, it is best to rinse them under cold running water and squeeze them well. Then wash them at up to 30°C. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as this will affect absorbency. Afterwards, hang your underwear out to dry. Menstrual underwear is not suitable for the dryer.

😱 How do you make sure you don't leak during your period?

By wearing menstrual underwear in combination with a tampon or menstrual cup, you can be sure you won't leak anymore. Menstrual briefs are especially designed with an anti-leakage layer.

🏊‍♀️ Can I swim with menstrual underwear?

We do not recommend this as water is also absorbed. Therefore, the absorbency for menstrual blood will be reduced. Nevertheless, it can be done from customer experience. We then recommend using a cup or disc together with menstrual underwear and to use our Seamless Model Hipster. This has a thinner inner layer so you are less likely to see it through your swimwear.

🥇 What is good quality or the best menstrual underwear?

There are many different kinds and types of period underwear on the market. Good menstrual underwear uses quality materials. For example, there can be a difference in the quality of the anti-leakage layer, low quality leaks through more quickly. The material of the absorption layer, the material of the underwear itself and what the quality of the stitching is.

You have menstrual underwear that is very thick, which feels more like a diaper. Or menstrual underwear which uses cotton absorption layers. This is thinner, cheaper, but has less absorbency. So you choose the right balance between different brands. For example, Libresse Intimawear comes with a double microfiber absorption layer, we find this too thick for our underwear. Partly because the longer you wear the underwear, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

The best menstrual underwear is different for everyone, depending on you, your wallet and your quality needs. Bamboozy menstrual underwear is among the highest quality menstrual underwear on the market, at a competitive price because we buy in bulk.

🤗 Are you ready?

Bamboozy specialises in sustainable menstruation. We have a whole line with something for everyone. From menstrual underwear, menstrual cups, menstrual discs, and washable pads. So you can combine it with whatever works for you! Check out our sustainable menstrual line here. Have more questions or are you still in doubt? Then send us a message in the chat! 😊

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