Safety Razor Shaving Brush Wood · Vegan


Pamper your skin completely by using shaving soap! Soap yourself completely in style with the wooden shaving brush in minimalist design.

✔ High quality vegan bristles
✔ Bristles are firmly attached and will not fall off
✔ Beautiful in your bathroom
✔ Vegan and animal-free
✔ Better shaving results, smoother skin, less irritation, and ingrowth of hairs

Do I need a shaving brush?
It depends. In general, you can shave without shaving soap with our safety razor. But do you really want the best result and better protection for your skin? Then use shaving soap and a shaving brush. An extra protective layer of shaving soap reduces the friction between your skin and the safety razor blade. This allows for a closer shave with less risk of cuts and wounds. So absolutely perfect for beginners!

The shaving brush has a wooden handle. The bristles are vegan and contain no animal products and is animal test free.

In the package:
- 1x Safety Razor Shaving Brush