Bamboozy Period Cup/Disc Sterilizer

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You should sterilize your menstrual cup or disc every cycle. Use the Bamboozy menstrual cup sterilizer to keep your menstrual cup and disc clean and safe for you.

✔ Food grade silicone
✔ Foldable, easy to carry with you
✔ Free of BPA, chemicals, and plastics
✔ Includes brush
✔ Suitable for all sizes of menstrual cups
✔ Suitable for all sizes of menstrual discs

Should I sterilize my menstrual cup after use?
You should sterilize your menstrual cup at least before you start your menstrual cycle. You do not need to sterilize your cup after each use, you may, depending on your preference.

How do I use the menstrual cup sterilizer?
Step 1: Remove the lid from the sterilizer
Step 2: Unfold the sterilizer
Step 3: Add water to the first fold
Step 4: Place your menstrual cup stem side up in the sterilizer
Step 5: Heat your microwave at 1000W for 1 minute
Step 6: Always let your menstrual cup cool to room temperature for one minute before use
Step 7: Always wash your hands when inserting your menstrual cup

In the package
- Menstrual Cup/Disc Sterilizer

How does this product make less impact on the environment?
✔ Packaging is 100% biodegradable
✔ Packaging does not use glue
✔ Less waste by no longer using sanitary pads or tampons
✔ As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free transportation, and operations

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Bought the Bamboozy menstrual disc when I was caught short on holiday and bought this to go with it to make sterilising easier. I was not disappointed. Absolute must buy!