Dryerballs 6 Pieces Including Storage Tray

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With dryer balls, you save up to 25% on the drying time of your dryer. You add up to 6 balls in your dryer. Cosmeau dryer balls are 100% natural and made from New Zealand sheep's wool. It meets the Responsible Wool Standard which means it is sourced in an animal friendly and responsible manner. These are premium dryer balls which are long lasting.

100% Natural Premium New Zealand Wool
✔ Nice storage box, neat and easy to take in and out of the tray
✔ Save up to 25% cost on each drying session
✔ Free of chemicals
✔ Less wrinkles and less static
✔ Makes your laundry softer
RWS certified

High quality
100% New Zealand quality wool with no synthetic fillers, rolled into tight, extra-large balls and felted for a natural, long-lasting product.

Usable fabric softener
Replace chemical fabric softeners and liquid fabric softeners with an eco-friendly and natural alternative that lasts over a thousand washes.

Shorter drying time
As the dryer balls spin around in the dryer, they separate the laundry, allowing the warm air to circulate better and dry faster.

Save on energy costs
Reduce electricity bills by reducing drying time by up to 25%.

Less static clothes
Throw them in the dryer and your clothes dry faster, fuller and softer, with fewer wrinkles and less static.

How to use dryer balls.
- Put 2-3 dryer balls in the dryer drum for a small wash, 4-6 balls for a large wash.
- Start the drying program

- Small laundry: 2-3 balls
- Large laundry: 4-6 balls

In the package
- 6 pieces of 100% Premium dryer balls
- Felt storage box

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