What is the Best Way to Use Laundry Strips?

What is the Best Way to Use Laundry Strips?

What is the Best Way to Use Laundry Strips?

Large plastic bottles of liquid detergent quickly take up all the space in your laundry room. In addition, the heavy bottles and boxes involve a lot of transportation, making it an unsustainable option for washing your clothes. But it can be done differently - with laundry strips! This is laundry detergent as you know it, but in paper form. These strips have eliminated the unnecessary transportation of liquids, leaving you with a highly concentrated detergent that completely dissolves in water (Even in cold water!). With this, you can say goodbye to large amounts of plastic, chemicals and expensive pods and instead just have a flat, cardboard box of durable laundry strips in your home. But what is the best way to wash with these strips?

Laundry strips in a washing machine

It may seem very different from what you're used to - a piece of paper instead of a cap full of liquid - but it actually works exactly the same.

You want to put a half or whole sheet of the laundry strip in the tumbler on or under your clothes, or even in the detergent drawer. Half a sheet is enough for a small wash (5kg), is it very dirty, or does your house use hard water? Or do you maybe have more laundry (10kg)? Then opt for a whole sheet. The strip has a handy tear line in the middle that allows you to easily cut it in half.

During washing, the strip will completely dissolve in the water and clean your laundry as usual!

What should you pay attention to?

Make sure your drum is not too full so the laundry strip has enough room to dissolve.
Don't put the strip between your clothes to prevent it from getting stuck somewhere in between clothes.
Don't leave your laundry wet for too long to keep it smelling fresh.
There is no chlorine bleach in the strips, pay attention to that with your whites.

Hand wash

I might not occur to you quickly, but the laundry strips are also great for hand washing! Fill your bucket or sink with warm water and pour half a laundry strip into the water and watch it dissolve. Stir the water first so all the detergent is well distributed and then wash your clothes as usual. The laundry strips are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic so they won't harm your skin!


Traveling with laundry strips

Because the strips contain no liquid, they are ideal for travel. They are super compact and can easily fit in your hand luggage during a flight. So you can also wash on vacation with your trusted detergent - no matter which method of washing you have at your disposal. Hard or soft water, hot or cold, washing machine or hand wash, it's all possible with the strips!

Storing the laundry strips

The laundry strips come in a cardboard box, but it does not seal 100%. If the strips are in a humid environment or if you want to best preserve the scent, store the strips in an odor-proof, sealable box.

Additional tips

The strips are also suitable for silk and wool, so no need to worry about this!
Because of the mild formula, the scent may not be as strong as you're used to - use another strip for extra fragrance or opt for Cosmeau's long-lasting scent booster!