5 Reasons To Choose Reusable Cotton Pads

5 Reasons To Choose Reusable Cotton Pads

5 Reasons To Choose Reusable Cotton Pads

There are several reasons to choose reusable cotton pads. We have named the 5 main reasons to use washable cotton pads ✨

♻️ 1. Better for the environment

On average, we throw away 1,300 disposable cotton pads a year. Something we have thought about since the 19th century and still do.

Growing cotton has a huge impact on the environment, especially if it is not organically sourced. Chemicals can pollute rivers, damage local wildlife and seriously affect our ecosystems. The other damage is the amount of water used to produce conventional cotton. About a kilo, the size of a t-shirt, can take more than 20,000 liters of water. This water obviously has to come from somewhere, and production can suck up dry surrounding areas, causing a loss of natural habitats for plants, birds, animals and fish.

By using less cotton and largely replacing it with bamboo fibers, we avoid and reduce the impact of cotton. In addition, by reusing, we impact the planet thousands of times less over the life of an average washable cotton pad of about 3 years.

🥰 2. They are soft and good for your skin

Reusable cotton pads have been sold for years. Often these are made of cotton like those from Holland & Barret.

Our pads are made from a blend of cotton and bamboo fibers and superior in every way to cotton pads. Bamboo fibers provide extra softness comparable or better than traditional cotton pads. Most buyers are amazed by the softness.

In addition, bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. They require little water to grow and grow incredibly fast, up to 122cm per day!

💦 3. Easy to wash and maintain

Almost every brand nowadays supplies a washing net with it. Super convenient, you throw your dirty pads in the net and wash them clean at 40 or 60 degrees. Bamboozy cotton pads can be washed at 60 degrees.

💰 4. Save money!

Not insignificantly, you'll save money, too. Washable cotton pads last for years with normal use. Because we offer sets in different price ranges, you can choose to save money or go for a better experience with higher quality cotton pads. Something for everyone.

👍 5. They are better

Our reusable cotton pads have a diameter of 8cm, slightly larger than traditional cotton pads. This gives you more surface area for makeup removal.

For stubborn makeup and light facial peeling, we always include scrub discs (with dark brown or dark gray border), so you are provided for every situation.

The finger notch version makes removal even easier and more natural. These are things you don't see with traditional cotton pads.

In conclusion

Together, let's leave behind this 19th century tradition by reducing or eliminating the use of disposable cotton pads altogether.

You can buy washable cotton pads everywhere these days. If you decide to buy Bamboozy cotton pads, then you are 100% assured of sustainable, long-lasting, plastic-free, CO2 neutrally shipped, well-tested cotton pads where we have spent 6 months testing different materials and compositions for you 🙏

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