Derby Extra Best Starters Blades

Derby Extra double edge safety razor blades is the best blade for beginners. This is because they are very mild blades. Because of this they do not last as long but is therefore extremely suitable for beginners. The less sharp the blade is, the less likely you will cut yourself.

The blades come in a plastic cartridge, this has the advantage that you can put your used blades in it, and is safer to throw away. The disadvantage, of course, is the plastic waste.

We see, therefore, that many start with Derby blades but then switch to sharper variants or variants without plastic.

Good for: Beginners
Suitable for: Male and female
Sharpness: 1/5
Aggressiveness: 1/5
Coating: Platinum, stainless steel
Blades per pack: 5
Plastic: Yes, cartridge
Type: Single Blade Double Edge
Brand: Derby Extra
Country of origin: Turkey
Country of manufacture: Turkey

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